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#1 1 month ago

The trend towards HD remasters of games is continuing with the latest developer to join the fray, Stellar Stone, confirming today that they are developing a HD remastered version of their classic racing sim Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

The sim was well received upon it's original launch for it's accurate vehicle physics, detailed environments, and intuitive racing gameplay. It saw you take control of various racing trucks to speed your way across various environments, including a town level and a city level.

Many praised it's curious AI which was considered to be one of the most advanced seen in a video game for the time. 

The HD remaster promises to remain faithful to the formula that made the original a huge success, with the game's producer, Sergey Titov, stating;

We understand Big Rigs holds a special place in fans hearts. We promise the remaster will remain faithful in every way to the original, and even improving on the experience where possible to meet modern standards.

It's hard to see how you can improve on perfection, but I'm willing to wait and see the results. We'll be sure to bring you any future news as we learn it.

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