Bioshock 2 - Can't Move: What's Going On?! 2 replies

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22nd July 2009

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#1 11 years ago

I've been playing Bioshock 2 on the PC and have just aquired the Incinerate ability. As soon as I got it, my health dropped to about 1/10th of it's MAX and around 2 minutes later, I was unable to move AT ALL. I can fire my weapons and my abilities, although I just can't move. I used all my first aid kits, although for some weird reason they're not working whatsoever. My health stays exactly the same, whether I use a first aid kit or not.

Because of all this, I decided to look for cheats and found a "noclip" cheat, meaning I can go through walls etc & fly basically. This allowed me to start moving again, although as soon as I turn the cheat off I just go back to being unable to move still.

I turned the cheat on and got myself to a Circus of Values so that I could buy some more first aid kits, but I can't even use the Circus of Values either.

I found an oil barrel, and stood next to it then blew it up but I didn't die. My health stayed exactly the same. I'd really appreciate it if anybody knows how to help me out on this, as my last save before this is around 3 hours ago.

Screenshot of my HUD at time of problem -

Thanks in advance :)


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#2 11 years ago

This has happened to my game as well. I spent alot of time with 2kGames tech support, they ran me in cirlces looking at my drivers and dxdiag sheets.... only to tell me they wud has to speeks to the "Upper" texsh team... which i gather means its a MAJOR bug wif vista or GFWL or somthing? My character becomes rooted to floor, can move varry slighty. No lag, mouse look unrestricted, can jump. Sounds right? We gonna has to wait for dem to make a patch :(


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#3 11 years ago

I just read something about this on some forum today, they came to a conclusion that a corrupt save file was the cause of this, try loading a different save and let me know whether this worked or not.