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#1 8 years ago

A friend and I made YouTube account for Black Ops. We post legit videos and play how we normally would, check us out. YouTube - FTMFWgaming's Channel


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#2 8 years ago

*SNIIIIIIFF* I smell a spammer.

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#3 8 years ago

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#4 8 years ago

That's only really going to appeal to casual, devil may care players whom focus more on an easy way of boosting their own stats than sound team tactics. The only redeeming thing in that video is your admitting the gameplay in it involves camping, explosives spamming and reckless, inadvertent team killing.

You do realize a lot of players on the net despise those things don't you? I quite frankly would be embarrassed to even link to such a thing and expect getting raped by hostile comments on YouTube by it, but whatever floats your boat man. This is more of an advertisement on how to exploit the shortcomings of the game's mp play than commentary.

It would be OK if somehow servers were categorized for types of gameplay, some being dedicated to careless, casual gameplay involving little teamwork, and a bit of expected recklessness, but they aren't really, and for good reason I tend to think. The kick feature tends to take care of that if implemented well.

If there's one thing that can be taken positively from the above vid it's that developers need to focus more on types of mp play that require players to keep moving in an organized fashion and use team tactics. Otherwise mp play becomes the unorganized chaos it quite often is anymore.