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13th September 2010

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#1 8 years ago

I was going to pre-order James Bond 007: Blood Stone, but I just noticed that GameStop isn't giving away any bonuses or Limited Edition versions of the game to people who pre-order. In fact, there is no incentive to pre-ordering Blood Stone whatsoever (aside from them reserving a copy for you). What's up with that? I really hope Activision adds atleast some incentive, either a special edition version that pre-order people get, and/or a real life item (such as a Blood Stone key chain or something), and/or an in-game bonus. I really am disappointed in Activision, but then again, I suppose that's normal, considering it's Activision.

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#2 8 years ago

That's how it used to be. The only incentive you had in the past was getting to play the game on the day of release, or in some cases the day(s) before the release. That was enough for most people. If the game is going to be good enough for you to pre-order, why do you care about bonuses?

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#3 8 years ago

That's how it should be, All the content designed for a game should be apart of the game, not bonuses from ordering it through a specific retailer.


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#4 8 years ago

I think they've started giving out pre-order bonuses because supply is great enough that you don't have to worry about not being able to pick up a copy of the game on release day.