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#1 11 years ago

Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me? I installed the game fully. Installed the lastest patch. And started the game up. When I go threw the first level (Tutorial) and a cut scene starts. Right after it starts showing the crystal in another location I get a Blue screen. Just a blue screen and can do nothing but restart my comp. Please tell me a way to stop this. I would appreciate it!


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#2 11 years ago

Ahh, the old BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) which has plagued games since their creation.

There are a few possible causes in my eyes, some more likely than others.

(Of course, it would be useful if you could post your system specs and that'd be a step in the right direction.)

The first being that you need to update your graphics drivers. As you said it kicks in at the cutscene, I happen to know that the cutscenes need the latest drivers to run. I had a similar problem where the game just crashed when it got to a cutscene, but it didn't get a blue screen of death.

Second that your system simply can't handle the game and is crashing simply because it cannot simply run it.

Next is that you may have somehow corrupted the games files perhaps via the install by no fault of yours. (also depends here if you have the Steam download version of the CD version).

The thing with BSOD's is that it may well be nothing to do with the game, your system spec or anything else like that. What causes the BSOD is a very serious core system error. It may be you have a fault with windows, a virus, or something along those lines which causes your PC to crash under immense 'stress' if you like. I'd recommend a nice long scan and updating windows.

However if that is not the case and it IS just being very odd, the most likely answer I can see at the moment (lacking your system specification) is that your PC simply can't run it and attempting to is causing it to, in lamens terms, overload itself and crash horribly.

Hope I've helped.

Update your graphics drivers, Run your spec up against the min requirements, Update windows And scan for virus's.