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25th March 2003

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Bodybag Crew (=BC=) is an multigaming clan we have Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942, Americas Army, Vietcong and Tactical Ops Divisions. We play both in CB (Clan Base) and TWL (Teamwarfare League), at the moment we are 10 members in the AA division. Mostly from Finland but also from Belgium and United Kingdom. We don't have our own Game Server yet :(

What we demand from a Recruit

- Basic Training Completed (It's always a little plus if you have completed more trainings than basic)

-Well disciplined(We are not a very strict clan but it's common sense that you respect leaders and most of all everyone you meet in IRC or forums and in matches)

-You follow orders that are given from Leaders or more expirienced members than you. But you are always allowed to say your own opinion for example in clan meetings on the private IRC channel.

-Activity (We don't demand 24/7 Activity but that you are few hours on the IRC channel and practise with your teammates once in a week on public server for example)

-You have an IRC client and connect to our channel #Bc.aa at the server.

-Teamspeak Client and a microphone, Teamspeak in matches and when we practise.

-You speak English, main language is English.

-No Cheating, we don't tolerate any kind of cheating. ______________

Recruiting Process

1. After your report you will be tested by our tester. 2. If you are accepted you will have the =BCt= tag in your ingame name(in some cases you don't even need to put the t in the tag) 3. After the t periord you will be a full member if you have a special skill of doing tactics or anything other you will get a role in the clan. ______________ If you are interested visit the forum or IRC channel (the most fastest way to contact us) Forum: Site(not the best but it's ok ;) : IRC: #Bc.aa at email: [email][/email] ___________