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#1 8 years ago

GameFrontBorderlands’ Claptrap has written a love letter to prospective PC players of Borderlands 2, beginning with an admission that the PC version of Borderlands “had some issues,” and proceeding to enumerate the PC-specific features the sequel will offer. Gearbox knocked this marketing play out of the park, in terms of quality of presentation, humor, and — most importantly — actually giving PC gamers what they want.

PC features include improved native multiplayer matchmaking, a FOV slider, mouse-usable menus, fully remappable keybindings for keyboard and mouse, a PC-specific UI, mouse smoothing options, integrated V-Sync options, cloud save support, push to talk voice chat, and LAN support.

Oh Claptrap; you know just what I want to hear.

Source Claptrap Writes a Borderlands 2 PC User Love Letter | GameFront

For the lazy, here's the direct link to the Borderlands 2 website and the "letter".

Cloud save support and PC specific UI are at the top of my favourites, with the FoV slider at a close second. I'm replaying the original, and having to use a very clumsy keybinding in order to change the FoV is annoying, to say the least. Thoughts? Is it a good sign that Gearbox seem to take a priority with the PC version, or a bad sign that these features are considered special, when they should be standard?