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#11 15 years ago

I dont know about you guys but i just rented BiA- road to hill 30 for ps2 and the graphics sucked way bad. And trying to aim with the ps2 controller is pointless.. it lead me and my friend to just go into cqb with a rifle..lmao... not aiming.. just pray that You hit him. I dont know about pc .. but on the ps2 it truly sucked.. the levels sucked... i could make better levels than all of em put together. And one more thing... about the iron sights being zoomed to to far, I agree , but it has nothing to do with zoom its the fact that the guy seems to have his face shoved up the sight soo everything else is excluded besides the iron sights. In COD when you were sighted in..( not sniper rifles) you could look the your left or roght to see if someone besides the one you were aiming at .. was going to shootm you. In BiA the only thing u see is the iron sights and whatever you are aiming at. I am somewhat good with the ps2 controllers, after playing games like )07 nightfire, socom2 , the works.... ANd even i could barely handle aiming in Bia.. which would take alot to get used to. Well if a totall noob that has only been playing games like final fantasy would decide to buy a game that is a first person shooter would fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They would be all over the place with the iron sights... >_<. I would not recomend this for the ps2, but i wouldnt know about pc because i have never tried it on pc.

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