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29th December 2004

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BW- Now Recruiting Hello and Welcome to -BW- #1 we want to have FUN!! But on the same hand learn and get better at the game so some day we will be #1. We are not all 2.0 frags but with practice we hope some day we will be! We currently compete in the TWL Americas Army and CoD:UO! So if this sounds like something you would like to be apart of please send a message to a Command Member they will assist you in the recruiting process! #1 Register with the Site and Check out the Forums #2 Check out our Enlistment Requirements http://www.bwclan.net/home/enlistment.htm #3 Join us on TeamSpeak CoD Official Server AA Official Server http://www.bwclan.net/home email -BW-Renegade with any questions [email="admin@bwclan.net"]admin@bwclan.net[/email] contact me on xfire @ bwrenegade Recruit enter the following Name (In game nick): Age: Game: AA or CoD If AA Honor: Any Previous Clan: When your on: Why -BW-: How did your hear about -BW-: