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27th January 2010

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#1 11 years ago

I'm just looking for other players since this just launched recently. There are plenty of people playing already, I think most from the Open Beta launch but right now I'm looking for people to party up with who are mid level (like my Knight who's level 40 now).

If anyone's interested and is just starting to play, start in Kadopan so I can help with the harder starting quests for an EXP boost (though I'm not online 24/7, alright?). :)

Anyway just PM me or something so we can party up.



Here's the description from Wiki: From Wiki: WonderKing Online - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

WonderKing is a MMORPG which centers on venturing into dungeons and combating monsters in real-time. The players combat monsters and complete quests. Players can kill monsters alone, or they can form a party with up to five total characters. Loot is shared based on relative damage and level of characters in the party, more being awarded to the higher-level members.

WonderKing uses a 2D scrolling viewpoint similar to a platform game. Characters

At the character creation screen players choose what class they would like to play as. Beginning classes include Swordsman, Mage, Thief, and Scout. Further class progression is only allowed within the scope of the class chosen at character creation. The only time that the classes split again is during the first class advancement where each Swordsman, Mage, Thief, or Scout, must choose between two "sub-classes".


Players can form Guilds with other players. The purpose of a guild is to be able to find and chat with others more easily, bond with other players, promote cooperation, and battle using teamwork. Members have their guild's name listed under their character name. A guild's size is determined by half the level of the guild master.


There are over a hundred available quests, each with varying prerequisites; most quests may require the player to have attained a certain level or to have completed another certain quest. Most available quests require the player to retrieve a certain amount of spoils attained from monsters or to traverse an obstacle course.

Jump quests are a unique type of quest in which a character starts at one area of a map and uses timed jumps to get from one to another specific platform. Players attempt to avoid enemies and obstacles that can knock them off of the platforms. Skills and abilities that increase jumping distance or speed do not have any effect during these quests.


Items can be acquired from monster drops, purchased from other characters or shops, or obtained as rewards for completing a quest. These items are used for various purposes. Players are also able to trade items.

This is a virtual shop where players can buy items using real money. Pets, modeled after animals and mythical creatures such as bunnies, dragons, and pandas follow the owner around and can be equipped to pick up spoils dropped by enemies. Mounts are also available from the Item Mall and require an item called Mount Fuel in order to be used.

The Open Market is a place set aside for people who wish to sell their items amongst other players. Miniature shops can be set up in this area, allowing people to browse their stock. Snack Stalls, which are required to set up a shop, are available through certain Miscellaneous Item Selling NPCs as well as the Item Mall.


There are six main locations released so far in WonderKing. These locations include Elgaill Island, Francis, WonderPlus, Hellen, Nagpha Swamp, and Lamupel Highlands.

Player vs. Player

In the North American version of WonderKing exists a PvP system. This system is still under development by nDoors. Players can face off against each other in 1v1 combat. There is also a Guild PvP feature under development. There are a total of 4 maps and an option to randomly select the map. There is also a random chance that special obstacles will spawn such as bosses, gates, and other hazardous obstacles. Damage that players do is nerfed when facing off on each other, but HP and MP is unchanged. It is pretty well balanced so that level difference does not affect the players chance to win. For example, a level 30 player has an equal chance to beat a level 100 player as the level 100 player to defeat the level 30 player.

YouTube - Wonderking Level 112 Killing Mobs