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#1 11 years ago

I wasn't sure where to put this thread considering the technology discussion forum put me off a bit by stating 'no gaming related issues'. Hence, it's going in here! I'm looking around for a bit of careers advice on the games industry from some people who know what they're talking about (though it's okay if you haven't got a clue and just want to be friendly!). It's coming close to the time where I start submitting applications to universities and, while having a good idea, I'm still not certain on what degree I'm going to be taking. My strengths suggest that I go into programming - my best subject by a mile is maths and I'm expected by tutors to take that at degree level. However, I'm more interested in having some kind of game designing job where you engineer more than just lines of code (note that I'm not completely averse to programming - in fact I enjoy learning and applying it). I have no artistic ability whatsoever - I've come to the conclusion that a joint honors in Maths and Computer Science could be a good idea with a view to starting in programming and moving into game design later on. I've researched the area quite a bit and it seems that game design jobs can be entered from a lot of directions including the building of a portfolio or simply presenting good ideas and know-how within another game industry job. Is Maths worth anything to either of these jobs and would a mix of two subjects be a good idea? I'm still a bit unclear on which route I should take. Taking a degree in pure Computer Science or Game Design would seem a waste of my maths ability while going all out for maths could make my CV appear unsuitable for a gaming career. Any ideas? Thanks. :beer:


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#2 11 years ago

Hmm im sure it cant be that hard to find a game programing college? do your research and it also kinda depends what location in the world you wanna be.