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5th August 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I'm the Scipii right now and how in the hell do you defeat chariots? They just trample my infantry. Mack



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16th July 2005

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#2 13 years ago

ahhhh chariots (curses chariots) Theyre a nightmare with anything

right depending on the size of the enemy army, either take lots of triarii and giv them loads of add ons, e.g gold defense, gold attack, full ranking, or in small games try a formation wer the chariots CANT run at ur lines sideways, thats the way they do damage at sideways they can take down at least 10 ranks b4 they break, usually phalanx is best but u cant use phalanx, so maybe a wavy formation with archers behind is quite good, if u want i will play a game with you online to teach you :P, add me on my msn [email=""][/email], or just tell me when ur online

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7th December 2003

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#3 13 years ago

Chariots can be really annoying. Don't try to chase them with a single unit, let them attack some unit which has heavy armor and flank them with several cavalry-units. Sometimes you have to pull the chariots away from infantry before you can do that.

You can also wait until your enemies attack your city. In the next round you try to lift the siege and simply use long-ranged archers and catapults to take the chariots apart one after another. Remember, if you let one unit open the door, step outside and then back inside you will usually pull a good part of the enemy army into range of your archers. You can also buy large cheap armies with those units which have a bonus against chariots and let them take out the chariots in an AI fight (works if you have too much money).

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17th September 2004

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#4 13 years ago

Okay, well, I dont play online since my dial-up is too slow, but I currently playing campaign as Julii. I recently defeated the briton faction after a long and drawn out war. Early on, I had a few really bad battles against the britons which I won, but only barely since I wasnt used to fighting chariots. (Note: Dont go to war against the britons and expect them to be exactly like the gauls...) However I developed my own strategy: First, have an army with variety. I always have an army made up of many infantry units, flanked by war dogs, with archers close behind and backed up by two or three experienced cavalry units. The archers generally keep the chariots away, especially if they're using flaming arrows. This will often mean that the chariots will be forced to charge your infantry. Try to force them to charge you head on, but if not then you just have to respon quickly. Use your infantry to bog them down, effectively stopping them and making them unable to charge. Then attack them with your wardogs and your cavalry. When chariots are brought to a standstill they as weak as anything, they're only dangerous when moving really. Thats how I defeat them anyway, and it seems to work. ;)