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29th May 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Seriously, the people who says they're in the military and they used their "acquired" tactics to pass this game, I have doubts. Brothers in Arms was the most tactically close to reality a game can offer in today's game technology, which by the way GRAW's tactical system resembles (point to a location and order to move there). GRAW's flaw is in it's AI, which mentioned by many testers, is not as good as other games. i.e.: I passed the 1st mission by sneak and flank, going around the area, using Allen to shoot out the snipers and moving targets, the heavy gunner for mainly CQB, and I sniped stationary targets. Arriving at the warehouse entrance comes the heavy ennemy gun. I would have slided a grenade under the partially opened warehouse door but couldn't because the game didn't had this function. I wanted to use one of my men to run across the warehouse door that was fully opened to lure his sight away so I can get a shot at him, but by bad AI scripting, my man wasn't doing what I wanted (Band of Brothers part 7: The Breaking Point). I, by very good luck of a bug in the game, sniped the guy when I was standing on the ground with the slight view of him through the partially opened warehouse door. Arriving at the mission VIP1, when encountering the heavy ennemy's gun, one of my men was wounded. He got up, and by some despicable AI tactic, didn't take cover behind the car that was next to him (reminds me of another game: SOCOM US Navy SEALs). On the other hand, in the game Brothers in Arms, the squad members have this instruction incorporated in the AI lines: they DO know when to take cover when there's a firefight. My game was already on Easy and my teammates AI really suck big time. Having full health wouldn't do a thing if your teammates AI wouldn't act properly (I didn't even reloaded the game on the 1st combat mission). I tell my guy to go to the corner of that wall and: 1) either he goes there but doesn't take a pick at the corner to spot enemies and keeps looking in my direction, or 2) he goes on the other side of the corner in full plain view for the enemy (WTF?). I usually sneak and flank or ask a team to suppress fire in one end of the map while I go around and snipe the enemy in its back. But the AI here is very questionable. In the end, as some states to use military tactics to pass this game, I'd say you pass it when there's a lucky bug after X times you tried a specific checkpoint. I'm not in the military, but I do know how to figure out my solution. Most WWII field soldiers who came up with many tactics that we still use today were not all war veterans.:mad:


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#2 14 years ago

there is a cheat/tranner out there i can get the link for you i i can remember it. but i an on the edge of wtf are u going on about but some points you made are right. liek the AI sicks at doing what thay do. and there "tactical system" is kind of give me a brake point and click but remember this was made for the 360 in the end not pc so the commands haft to be point and click.