Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword (Just for Laugh Version List of Noobs) 1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

List of noobs: 1. Action movie fans(turn animation on); 2. Enviornmentalism(never chop tree); 3. Humanitism(never slave); 4. People origin THE holy city of ALL religions(want ALL religions at ALL cost); 5. Machine world(auto scout, auto worker, auto...); 6. Acrophobia(fear from height so never fort on hill); 7. psychologically he/she is Viking Berserker(love to attack across river); 8. Gambler(love to beat the odds); 9. Lord of the Ring Two Tower Fan (build 2 front cities); 10. I need a consultant, an assistant, an analyzer... cause I know nothing about enemy, nothing about allies, nothing about myself... (just never check power graph) IF YOU CAN ADD ANY, PLEASE HELP ME TO COMPILE A LIST. IF YOU ARE "NOOB" LISTED ABOVE, DO NOT WORRY, EVERY PRO WAS ONCE A NOOB.

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#2 11 years ago

Some of those "strategies" are considered variant rules for custom games. One of my favorites is that one city challenge, or simply trying to get all the holy cities into my capital before settling other cities.

I've also never tried whipping before. I guess it's just my benevolent side. =p