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30th January 2008

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#11 6 years ago

I actually like the way religion works, with there being an actual "race" to found one before they're all gobbled up, as well as making sure you found one in time (and later enhance quick enough) to get some of the more powerful abilities, such as Just War (+20% combat strength in enemy cities following your religion).

I like the new Civs, too, and I see that the bonuses for the others have been tinkered with a bit (England isn't just +2 naval movement anymore). The AI seems a little bit better, and I like their ability to automatically propose a trade agreement renewal. I don't like how you have to have a declaration of friendship in order to enter into a research agreement. Embassies are useful for finding the other civs' capitals - I usually buy an embassy from them in early game to prevent them all from knowing my location (delaying the inevitable Alexander/Boudicca war).

Ah, and great person changes make things a bit more balanced. I'd never built a citadel before this expansion, and I think making great scientists act like a mini completed research agreement instead of a free technology grab makes the science victory a lot less easy.

I feel like it definitely makes for a better game.

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#12 6 years ago
Serio;5647281Religion has never played a very big role in any of the games. In Civ IV, it was just "You founded a religion! Have some increased happiness for following it!". No bonuses or anything like that.

Perhaps it was simply the mods I played, but religion played a very large role in diplomacy. Found a religion and convert all potential allies. Then spread different religions amongst potential enemies and watch the ensuing religious wars take place.

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#13 6 years ago

I've never played any mods other than the Frontier thing for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, so it was probably through a mod you found those things. The default game had no advantages or disadvantages whatsoever, other than giving increased happiness in the cities of the state religion. In that respect, they actually improved greatly upon the system. Could still be improved even further, but as it is, it's a neat little feature to help develop and personalise your nation.

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