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#1 14 years ago

[color=black]Clan EAF is a clan owned by one of my friends, it's still under construction and will be found on the following games:[/color] Return to Castle Wolfenstein Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Call of Duty :tommygun:

It will have organised ranks, tournaments, clan matches, website, practise, tryouts and more. This clan will be trying very hard to keep it proffesional, hack-free, and noob-free. This clan will have a 24 player slot server on each game specified.

When the clan is done, the website will be found at Feel free to visit to see when it's up We only accept loyal, dedicated, non-hacking, veteran players. If you would like to apply earlier, please contact us at [email="ClanEAF@mail.com"]ClanEAF@mail.com[/email]

Thanks for your time :flag: