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#1 16 years ago

Squad Name: [ALL] Clan Website: Email: [email=""][/email] ( [email=""][/email] to become a member ) Times often played: All the time!

Our squad was created so that EVERYBODY has a chance to be part of a group of players. Anybody will be accepted, no questions asked, unless their honor is below 5! If you're a inexperienced player, this is the perfect place for you to learn the ropes. If you're an experienced user, this is the perfect place to demonstrate your skills and teach others how to properly play the game.

If you would like to join our clan but are afraid the players will be too immature, we have 2 levels, Beginning and Advanced. We hold Advanced member-only matches often so that you may experience some hardcore gaming.

[color=cyan][color=navy]Beginner Level Requirements: -13 years old -5 Honor -Xfire (preferred) or AIM[/color][/color]

[color=darkred][color=orange][color=darkred]Advanced Level Requirements: -18 years old -25 honor -Xfire (preferred) or AIM[/color][/color] [/color] and that's it!

Visit our site today for more info on the clan that puts an emphasis on fun and teamwork instead of perfection an winning :D