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#1 16 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present the Silent Assassin's Unit to you!

The SAU [Silent Assassin's Unit] is a military based realism Unit. We are currently a lot of Israeli's in the Unit but we are welcoming and looking for any European or United States players. Since we are based upon military there forth we have a 'Ranking' system and we use the 'Chain of Command' and follow orders and directives. We are united players. Playing all together with teamwork. We dedicate ourselves to prefect the Unit so it will be as realistic as possible. We are looking for any member who wishes to enlist under our forums at and post a 'enlistment application' in the correct forum. We have Teamspeak there forth it is required to have TeamSpeak downloaded and Installed. We are just about to finish our website and it will be shortly active. Furthermore we are about to acquire a Unit's Server. Our aaotracker page is: & ICQ is required!!!

Hope to see anyone of you within our ranks! Hooah! 2LT-Ohayon Unit CO