COD 3 this Fall? 15 replies

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6th July 2005

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#11 14 years ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.well, maybe they will focus on the pacific this time.........

I hope so. Nothing shitty like MoH Rising Sun, but something good.


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21st July 2004

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#12 14 years ago

My guess is that it will be an expansion, if you haven't noticed yet, they release the main game, then expansion, main game,... expansion?

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28th July 2002

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#13 14 years ago

The 13th RaptorWWII will never get old.

They have plenty of material for a new game.. the german side, the poles, the finnish, the french, etc.

a game where all you do is surrender doesnt sound like that much fun ;)

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19th February 2005

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#14 14 years ago
The 13th RaptorWWII will never get old.

I Disagree, it is a very very interesting conflict, with so much happening at once... a nice variety of members, allies and enemies.

But after a few thousand games about it... what more is there to cover? At this rate they will have to add some fake things by the time of 2010.

NEW! Call of Duty 13: The Hitler Menace- This action packed Shooter features historical accuracy, a massive arsenal of point and click weapons. The plot is about a rouge WW2 Road warrior with a laser pistol, a battleaxe and his trusty Ewok sidekick Kechegowa, they will venture into the battle of Honolulu, and then into the final battle with Adolf Hitler his Metal Guards and his hugh Calico cat named Zuma.

Anyways, chances are that if it is real, its a Expansion pack.


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18th November 2005

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#15 14 years ago

Sounds interesting. Is it true?

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28th July 2004

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#16 14 years ago

Yet another game for the clich├ęd, overdone genre of World War Two. Each game promises to be 'more real than ever', and each game fails by a long shot. At least games like Battlefield moved to other conflicts and games like Operation Flashpoint stayed out of them altogether.

Only the original Call of Duty was good. Limited enemies, extremely well-designed levels, and it was fun. United Offensive sucked ass, with its unlimited enemies to make up for extremely poor level design, multiplayer tanks in which you had three seconds before being blown up by either the enemy or your allies and way too many flame throwers. I thought this was just because those Gearbox developer cunts were useless, but then Call of Duty 2 comes out with the same thing, this time made by the original's developers: Infinity Ward.

This is like The Sims - it's a game for idiots who've never seen the better alternatives. Because Activision got their mits on this one, the world's population now believe it is the best due to all of the advertising it's received, when it clearly isn't.

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