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#1 3 years ago

After replying to FT's thread about physical games, I got the idea to reinstall CoD: Ghosts, a game I bought on sale at a local tech store.  When I first played it, I was using a previous-gen video card and there were glitches out the ass, to the point where it made it unplayable.  I've since upgraded to a 1000 series Nvidia card and am playing the game with very fluid FPS and dare-I-say some really kick-ass graphics for Call of Duty.  It kind of exists in its own little world away from any of the other stories, but it still uses the current trend of "IN THE FUTURE MANKIND WILL..." which isn't terrible, but it's getting closer and closer to a tired genre.  Anyway, while this game probably isn't the most popular, there are some things I've discovered that really stood out in a great way.  The scale of each mission is decidedly epic and the missions span all over the globe as is tradition for recent Infinity Ward releases.  This installation, however, offers some really kick-ass ways of navigating the environment.  

One of my favorite moments is tracking an enemy general through a city protected by a large dam that is destroyed by AA fire and floods the city.  Once you get to higher ground, the water is chest-level and allows you the option of crouching to move through it unseen.  The tactic allows you to flank enemy positions and sneak through a heavy frontal assault until you're within stabbing distance and uproot them.  

Another really creative moment takes place in a skyscraper filled with enemies.  One of the rooms has way more than you'd want to take on with just your two squadmates, so to get around that, you can make the room pitch-black and use strobe lights attached to your guns thereby blinding the enemy and picking them off at your convenience.

This is just what I've found so far, and I'm sure I'll be impressed as I can continue through the campaign.  One majorly-important aspect is the combat never feels unfair.  Even on veteran difficulty, you have a pretty good chance of surviving using basic infantry tactics, i.e. cover-fire-move-repeat.  Previous games, especially Black Ops always felt like you were the only target and everybody had better accuracy than Olympic marksman even with full-auto.

Of course, there are some negative aspects; the main villain's motivation is pretty damn lame.  I mean, given the situation that made him a bad guy, what did he expect to happen?  

I'll keep updating this thread as I play through, but I can say I'd recommend it if you were/are a fan of the CoD Series.  Only problem is it currently sells for $60 which is WAY more than I paid for it, so I'd also recommend buying during a sale.

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