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#1 10 years ago

CodeMasterscontinues to turn there heads issues and keep banning people for no reason or misleading accusations from other players which do not even have proof of there actions. This game is a total failure do to the incompetence of there GM's and support staff who continue to turn there heads and not deal with any matters or situations in game which insult or harass other players. or Gameplay problems such as lag/falling through world. I have been beta testing games since 1995. Such as DAOC, Everquest 1 EQ 2, WoW, Lineage 1 /2 . GuildWars. LOTR online and many more. Including this game and if CodeMasters wishes to ever have a future in gaming I'd strongly suggest you people do something about this urgently. You cannot continue to ban people for in game bugs that is CodeMasters fault to begin with for not fixing these bugs/glitches in Beta like they should have before this game was even released to the public. Thats what Beta is for ! So ban yourself from the gaming Industry all together. CodeMasters will fall and you will all be looking for new jobs and using CM as a reference will only make future gaming employers laugh! Concerned Gamer.