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#1 13 years ago

Discuss what your thoughts on the cold war demo are. Unfortunately the developers made a bodgy demo and I can't play it because of one of the most retarded errors in the world and I/O error. The problem is either that my file is corrupt...well it aint cuz it gets to the end of the installation up to 100%, OR it is something to do with the CD or DVD drive, which is friking pathetic because the game doesnt require the cd or dvd drive to run the demo. I went to 3dgamers and found the readme for the demo....which WASNT the readme for the demo at all. It was the readme for the actual game, it said to install the game you needed to insert disk 1 and to play it, you need to have disk 2 in the drive.....WTH! stupid developer for that game screwed up big time, I have never had any problems installing a demo until this. I will re download from a different site because i downloaded from filefront and the demo is a piece of poop, i might try Can anybody help me out here? I am so bored and want to play a game.