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#1 15 years ago

When i last browsed the internet i found this little handy guide for the commanders among you. There are some interesting things in it that i didn't knew:


1.1 This is the commander screen. To acces the JO commander menu press "v" (ingame default). 2. PLACING WAYPOINTS commenflag.jpg 2.1 To place a waypoint for your team click the little flag button in the top right of your commander screen and then click on the map were you want the waypoint to appear. commenuaccept.jpg 2.2 Enter a name for the waypoint and click accept. commenufinis.jpg 2.3 When the waypoint is properly placed it should look like this. commenuingame.jpg 2.4 It will show up ingame like this. waypoints.jpg 2.5 In this picture you will see multiple custom waypoints, when you are a squadleader your teammates will see your waypoints. You can also use them for your own convenience. 3. CREATING/JOINING A SQUAD commenteam.jpg 3.1 In the commander screen click team, the team screen should appear. recruit.jpg 3.2 In the team screen click the recruit button of the people you would like to recruit. join.jpg 3.3 To join a squad click on the join button next to the name of the person who has recruited you. 4. SQUAD/PLAYER COLORS name.jpg 4.1 In the commander screen you can change your and your teammates map colors, this affects the way (color) players see eachothers names and icons in-game. This can be of great use to squads and clans. name%20color.jpg 4.2 Click the box under map next to your name to change the color, you can select different colors by multiple clicks. You can also change other players color! squadcolorchange.jpg 4.3 Change the colors from people on your team also to locate them quickly and more easily this greatly improves battlefield awareness. norvsquad.jpg 4.4 In this picture you can see that the NORV squad is colored purple and the other squad is orange. purpleboarding.jpg 4.5 In this picture you can clearly see an entire squad (purple) boarding a helicopter. clannamecolor.jpg 4.6 In this picture you can see 2 clanmembers with the same color names. 5. GIVING ORDERS select2.jpg 5.1 When people joined your squad select them and put them into fireteams. orders.jpg 5.2 When you`ve made fireteams go to orders and create an order for your squad. You can create different orders for different fireteams, your custom waypoints are incorporated in the order menu as you can see in this picture. issue.jpg 5.3 When you have created your order you must issue it to send it to your squad. orderissued.jpg 5.4 In this picture you can see the issued order in the top of the screen. whiskey.jpg 5.5 Now you have given the order your team is waiting for the go code, click the go code wich you have selected earlier when you created the order. (source