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#1 8 years ago

Hello, myself and six experienced source engine developers are working on creating a project where a community of non-developers create a game..

Here's a little information (post written by sargeant_boom)

Ahh, hello World! Thanks for taking the time check out CPG.

We live in a World where gaming has become part of many people's everyday life, and because of this many younger gamers (and even some of you older ones) aspire to become a video games developer in years to come. However, many people don't really have much of an idea how game development works and what it takes to work as one. This is why we're starting CPG! This ambitious project will bring aspiring game developers together in order to create a video game based on Valve's mega-awesome Source game engine.

Even if you have no-idea how to develop games we want you to join our team! Basically we're a team of 6 experienced Source game developers who will develop the game in the most part, however we will be developing what you say!

Now you're probably thinking, well it sounds like an okay-ish idea but I only get to give ideas? The answer to that is a massive NOPE! As members of the development team you'll be asked to vote in polls which will decide how the game works, come up with ideas on the story-line and characters as well as many other things, comment on how the game looks when a project developer uploads images and videos and most importantly perhaps get to test the game before its released fully. Now of course we have no idea how the finished product will look or feel, so we can't tell you anything about the game right now. But we can tell you how to get involved: simply sign up on the forums and create an introduction thread, perhaps telling us a little about yourself, then start posting in the developers section of the forum! This is such an exciting project for us all to start working on, and we hope you'll choose to get involved and shape the way the game looks and feels! Thanks for reading, Sargeant_Boom

PM me if you want a link to the forum where its happening. :)


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#2 8 years ago

That sounds pretty cool :)

I wish you best of luck with your project.