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Do you have a Compulsive Shooting Disorder? If so, then look no further.....

What we offer: • A fun clan to be a part of • Public Ventrillo Server • TWL matches • Realistic Ranks and medals where you earn your rank based on a points system

Requirements: • Honor 20+ preffered • Age 18+ preferred • Completed all training. • Have account • Ventrillo with working mic • Be active in the clan forums • Have a good additude

We are slowly rising to the top of the TWL 2v2 Combat Ladder. We are currently Rank 5 with a record of 7-0 and are challenging for Rank 1. We welcome members from all around the world. We prefer you speak English though. There is a short application process in our forums so visit the site below, register, and have a look around. _________________ ANY QUESTIONS? To Contact me, email me at [email][/email]

hoot CSD rocks! :D or contact me via xfire : rattfox


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