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#1 11 years ago

Here's a game i tried back in 2003, and have been playing since then. This game is called "Continuum" (origionally Subspace) Continuum is a "Community Run" game, Meaning that no company runs with us. All the development on the game has been done by players, and not the company who origionally created us back in 1995, (VIE, or Virgin Interactive Entertainment.) Since they stopped hosting the servers and running things back in 98, a player named PriitK took role with Mr. Ekted and made a new client Identical to the origional SubSpace client. It was better, it was more stable, and brought the game back to life. Since then, small updates have been done, and more people have come to this community to play and create their own zones. Anyone can create a zone, and anyone can make maps. Certain zones have strict policies when it comes to making maps. Because of the community I rate this game a 9 out of 10. When you create an account to play on in this game, it does not have a long rediculous process just to get yourself able to play the game. When you run the game, All you need to do is go into a profile, and create your name and password, and enter a zone. (For SSC zones, a first time form shows, but you dont have to completly fill it out.) If you wish to check this game out for yourself, here is a link to get the client: If you wish to also check out some sites made by the main zones, check out these two: Trench Wars: Extreme Games: SSCU Extreme Games Enjoy!