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#1 11 years ago

Contractkillers is looking for players for this new breed of game,We are a uk based squad and have been round since task force dagger so we've been round some time and know what is needed to stay tuned to the gamer and i think i can say this game will rock the styles of fps for the better good. we are needing players out to have FUN over all else but we will be entering into compertions as we progress and will be looking for dedicated players to take some leading roles arranging matches and helping out in the clan. And what we have to offer is a amd64 duel processor dedicated box with 100 meg connection based in london so we can host most games not just quakewars the only thing we ask is that applicants are over 16 years old and thats it!! We are also forming a alliance with about five other clans including Team501 so matches will be arrange as soon as this game hits the shelf's . So if intrested hit the link by the sig and post on the =CK= forums

thks =CK=VanGuarD