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#1 8 years ago

I'm going to take a whack at posting it here, since the Counter Strike section is totally dead. Hopefully those who don't pass by that section, but know alot or something about counter strike bots, may help out.

So I don't really know what type of bot I got, but I have BotProfile.db, that file, and I used it to rename my bots. So that instead of Bob, John and the usual names, I have the newer ones that I placed in.

After overwriting and saving it, the new names work but heres the catch. Not of all them are appearing. As in, I chose hard difficulty, and only 6 bots appeared and I open the console, it tells me "All the bots of this difficulty are in use". Then I went and check the BotProfile.db again, and noticed quite a few more hard difficulty names that weren't used. Also, if I remembered, if the bots quota is higher, they will just add in random bots as well.

But so far only 6. Any suggestions or advice?