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#1 12 years ago

Hi, My name is C.T.U._Curtis_24 and im recruiting players you are interested in joining a clan. We have a server (non-honor) and about 8 players (note: our clan is only one day old) and our numbers are growing by the min. To be eligible to join you must... 1.Have an "AA" account with at least 20 honor. 2.You must speak good english 3.X-Fire is also needing for communication(but don't turn away because you don't have it) 4.You must be ready to obey the clan leaders and rules! 5.You must change your "AA" name to this: C.T.U._********_24, (*) represents your name. If you have and questions contact me or C.T.U._Bauer_24 via: C.T.U._Curtis_24- X-Fire:ctucurtis24 or C.T.U._Bauer_24- X-Fire:xxxjackbauerxxx or visit our site: If you wish to join contact me and fill out your name and info on our site in the guestbook. Also if anyone has an honor server that they would like to dedicate to our clan plz contact me! In doing so you will one of the clan leaders. Thx for taking your time in reading this post. I hope you join!