=D[B]D= is Recruiting. (Death Before Dishonor) 2 replies

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#1 11 years ago

=D[B]D= is Recruiting and we want you to become our newest member!!

Who are we? - We are a mature gaming community who love to get online and frag some people.

What can we offer: - 12 man dedicated honor server 100% (24/7) uptime (More player support in the future) - TS Server - Semi-realism (Roster, Ranks, Awards, Command Structure) - Much much more

Requirements: - Be mature and behave on TS - Be willing to use TS as a communication tool - You must be active (at least once or twice a week preferred...we do though realize that you have a life outside of gaming!) - You must respect all other clans and players. - Be willing to have fun ^^ - Totaly free

If you're interested, join our TS server at and speak to Hooters (clan leader) or one of the =D[B]D= members.


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#2 11 years ago

Got a website? Might be an idea to post it ... more hits i think :)


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#3 11 years ago

lol oh yeah, you could join this clan, if you're desperate! what a joke these guys are... they boot people who own them, there admins will do anything to ensure victory, and they straight up have zero class. they contradict every trait they are looking for in a player... and to top it off, their Clan Leader is the least mature out of the bunch.

Chalk these guys up as posessing all the traits wrong with AA today.