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#1 2 months ago

It's crazy to think, but today DayZ has finally entered the first beta build of it's development, after nearly five years of being available to play as a Steam early access alpha, and despite this, it's seen huge success.

For those who are not aware, the game is an open-world survival horror crossed with an MMO game, but with the focus on surviving. It's post-apocalyptic environments and gritty subtext are hugely popular among fans, but the game as unfortunately seen a rather turbulent development.

The game first released on Early Access back in 2013, and despite being buggy and borderline unplayable at times, it's got a strong following, thanks to it's environments and unique situations. 

The new beta, 0.63, will be made available on the stable branch right away, and focus going forward is going to be more on fixing problems rather than adding new features or functionality. 

While features are in, their functionality is often broken, we know that's what makes or breaks a game, and now is exactly the time to get that fixed. During this period of stabilization and iteration, you'll see the game change around the details that matter. 

While there are large numbers of issues left, only about 600 of them are crucial to make DayZ work as intended. We plan to do exactly that. Fix features, stabilize the game and make it enjoyable after being weighed down by bugs for a very long time.

Even better news is that even though new features may not be coming to the game itself, the team are working on releasing experimental mod tools to the community, to allow them to start adding their own new content to the game, and share them via Steam Workshop.

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