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#21 8 years ago
Dragonelf68;5403563Yes, but it's a rated M game. There's something illegal or something that carry's a big fine with giving innocent little kids like me access to blood and gore and other bad adult stuff. On another note I just read my email, and found this little gem below a DS2 trailer.

Well, in a way that just proves my point all the more. They're willing to risk a bit of trouble inviting in players your age because they know there's a good chance you'll talk about it and/or preorder. I also don't think the M rating category is enforced as strictly as you're thinking, esp if a player is less than a yr from the cutoff point. At 16 most states say a person is legal to drive a car without supervision. That's quite a responsibility to at the same time say, "No, you can't play an M rated game, wait a year."