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8th January 2005

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#1 9 years ago

I have been playing Dead Space for a while now and although i wasn't expecting to i'm actually quite enjoying it.

But i've run into a little bit of a problem, and so far can't seem to find an answer anywhere so i'm comming to the fine folks of filefront with it.

My problem is with a door in the Clinic during section 5 'Lethal Devotion' i'm in the Clinic for the second time and this time i'm being hunted by the Tyrant an indestructble monster of some sorts, and whats supposed to happen is I kill four baddies that are killable in the room and then a door is unlocked and i can excape the big guy, but even though i can kill the monsters and the comms message get through about the door unlocking when i try to open it, the damn thing just sits there waiting.

I've tried a few times now and even if i wait WAY longer than normal for doors in the game it still won't open. Now this section is already pretty crashy for me, in fact mostly the game has and .exe error just as i enter room but if i enter in a certain way i can avoid the crash only to be thwarted by the door :(

if anyone has come across this issue and fixed i'd love to know thanks :cool: