Decent FPS Multiplayer Games? 9 replies

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15th January 2007

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#1 14 years ago

What are some decent First Person Shooter multiplayer games on the PC?

Apart from: CS, CS:Source, Call Of Duty & Battlefield.


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#2 14 years ago

Doom 3


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2nd August 2005

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#3 14 years ago

Rainbow six: vegas, Splinter Cell: spy vs merc. FEAR Combat(Its free, too)

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21st December 2003

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#4 14 years ago

Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, it's free too :)

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28th July 2002

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#5 14 years ago

Day of Defeat Source is fun...

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10th March 2006

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#6 14 years ago

Control Monger is a lot of fun if you can find people to play with. It's empty most of the time.

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18th November 2004

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#7 14 years ago

Halo for PC is fun. It's pretty cheap these days, it's been around since 2003, but it's still fun as hell. The servers are quite populated.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is another good older one. It's a WWII first person shooter.

For free, you can download WarRock. It's a modern-combat game, kinda like BF2, with similar environments and weapons, but with a weapons purchasing system and game modes more like CS:S. It's fun.


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#8 14 years ago

Tremulous, I like it, its multiplayer, its free, how can it get much better


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8th August 2006

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#9 14 years ago

Medal of Honor ( i have allied assualt), Quake 2 and 3 ( yes it may be old but its fun as hell especially 3!!), quake 4(continuation of Q2), Doom3, Fear, and HalfLife 2 xD

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7th March 2005

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#10 14 years ago

The ETF mod for Enemy Territory is pretty good. It's also free.