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28th November 2002

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#21 16 years ago

the only way disney games are good (the only way) is for me and my little cousin (who is 4) to bond

but ill only play his xbox, will never touch a gamesquare


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31st January 2004

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#22 16 years ago
Originally posted by USA1: Hey go easy on the guy, he's obviously new and a little confused about his reception here.

Why should we go easy on him, when he doesn't listen to our help and still calls everybody stupid names and tells them to removed by gizmo- this isn't the melee Soviet Power! Time to get new batteries for my keyboard, that seemed to take forever to write, missing out letters when I type.


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29th April 2004

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#23 16 years ago

i made this thread 4 my sister u jackasses but she wanted to make it look like it was me the only disney game i like is kingdom hearts and i usually play resi evil timesplitters2 need 4 speed splintercell when i go to my mates and so on

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8th May 2002

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#24 16 years ago

It's sad to see how people will post when they shouldn't. This thread makes me upset becuase it lacks respect for other member's as well as respecting forum rules. Heres what we do in situations such as this:

The SaintAza, who cares? Who initially told you that they suck, so you thought you would open a thread on it?[/quote] This is the first spam post in this thread. To point out a fact, these are 'forums' where you can open a thread on anything related to them. So yes, he thought he could open a thread on it and he did. Hes allowd!!
Tikileave aza alone just because hes not aloud to play Mature rating FPS dosnt mean hes a bad guy[/quote] Off-topic.
Gale_Force14Aza, where you by any chance dropped as a child, it's okay to tell us.[/quote] Spam, and insulting another member of the forums. (this isn't the melee forum)
mAsTeR.oF.rEaLiTypssssst. this is the same guy that thought that every single game in the world should run on his pc because he had windows XP
Spam, and irrelevant to the topic. [quote=mAsTeR.oF.rEaLiTy]hey aza are you still having problems with games because you never responded to anything in your uber l337 "y r pc games 2 slow" thread.
More Spam, and a double post spam! [quote=He11Heaven]no, the problem is he is not a bad guy... he's a good guy with bad guy makeup...
Spam! [quote=SP]Why should we go easy on him, when he doesn't listen to our help and still calls everybody stupid names

Spam and offensive language. (this isn't the melee)

Well congrats to all the above listed. You just got yourselves a warning sticked to each of your accounts. Why? I am sick and tired of someone making a post, and because you do not feel it meets your standards, or have anything constructive to add, you post spam and pure bullcrap. You all know the rules, so now you get the big fatt ruler slap on the wrist.

Topic Closed.