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5th August 2003

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#31 16 years ago
Elem3ntYou have to remember when halo first came out, there was no game of its calibur for a console. It had superb graphics and great gameplay, but by todays standards it is just rubbish. It's the same as half life, when it came out it was groundbreaking, but if it was released today it would be laughed out of the gaming industry.

To clear things up, I played it for the first time maybe a month after it came out, and that day alone I played co-op for about 8 hours straight. I thought it was ok [thus the 8 hours of co-op] but even still, it just didnt really appeal to me. I didnt run around yelling "Halo is the pwnage, Halo is the pwnage". I'm just saying its just a tad overrated.


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20th April 2004

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#32 16 years ago

Doom 3. Biggest dissapointment EVER.

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28th November 2003

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#33 16 years ago
Urak'kulWell I was a huge CnC fan and I couldn't wait for generals, the hype was crazy and I was stuck in it. When it finally came out I played it and thought it sucked, the single player is a joke and online gets boring fast. I no longer care for any new CnC's because there made by EA now.

Dude! Do you happen to be my secret twin brother or something :lol:, that's exactly what I think.

I hyped it up like hell at if you compare it to RA1 and RA2 it sucked ass.

Ohh, I have to add one more game:

Black & White! *shudders* I hyped that one up too...