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I'm finding it rather distressing how hard it is to find people who still play the game. The thing bringing this up, is the fact that for the first time in 6 months, I reached Sanctum Cay again on a character who hasn't yet been there.

I thought it'd be a cakewalk with a decent group. Then when I enter the outpost, I see the screen full of "LFR" and "someone RUN goddamnit" and "get lost noob, you're not a wammo". /sigh

Now, doing Maguuma Jungle up to this point with my Canthan Elementalist has been a joy. Good PUGs all the way, even befriended one of the Monks, who was a travelling partner through The Wilds, Bloodstone Fen, and Aurora Glade. I've repeated those missions several times since, for a little fun, and despite some of my groups having low overall effectiveness, they're all fun people. But, at Sanctum Cay, there isn't a single person wanting to form a party, and when someone comes along and tries, they get shouted at and called a "n00b" and moron and other such names. Worst thing is, I saw a lv2 Mo/W in there doing the name calling while demanding a runner.

I don't even need to check the desert or Shiverpeaks to guess that it's the same there. But then, it always has been. What gets to me, is how the people who don't play the game think they can look down on others who do.

Many of these players are unskilled in their classes, because they assume that completing the game once means they can play. Warriors and Mesmers are totally different classes, god damn it. Playing one doesn't mean you can play the other, and by not getting any experience with the class in the early stages, they're often clueless in the later phases of the game.

And yet, they turn round and speak down to others with far more experience and skill with their individual classes?

It's not running that's my beef though - it's merely people skipping. When a Ranger doesn't know what pulling is, and an Assassin in Sorrow's Furnace says, and I QUOTE - "hey i can tank, i solo'd shing jea island" - it worries me.

The community on a whole is suffering, not because the players are stupid, but because they're inexperienced. As my precious little Ele, I've teamed up with other Eles who still use Firestorm as their primary attack - no, as their ONLY attack - and they constantly fire it off as if it's Flare or Fireball. After the AoE Patch, you'd think most Eles would learn that scattering the enemy at an unstrategic moment is bad, but no... And for the record, A/Mo's are NOT "just like a monk with 5 less nrg". Those guys bug the hell out of me. Rangers, trust me, your lvl 12 Black Bear can NOT hold aggro or survive a Muursaat onslaught. And for the love of god, healing and protection Monks don't need smiting spells. They're a waste of energy, even for a smiting Monk, since ArenaNet decided the holy element should be totally underused and ineffective. This one I really do mean: the next damn W/Mo I see who says "i'm invincible, i can heal myself" is going to cause me to drop from the group instantly. And this next one's dedicated to Sandra ;) - Swordsmanship Monks piss me off. Sure, they can be effective when combining swords with enchants, but I'd rather have a Monk as a healer, so that the entire party has a higher survival ratio.

Believe it or not, it's usually the so-called "useless" classes such as Necros, Mesmers and Ritualists who know what they're doing. Often I see a Necro whip out a longbow and do some pulling, because the Ranger thinks "he doesn't need one, his pet and traps will make up for his flatbow's short range". Mesmers are usually the ones who can kite, evade and dodge attacks while still timing their spells to cast fully. Ritualists, well, there's still a lot of newbie Rits out there, but that's to be expected. Either way, it's the smart Ritualists who are usually turning the tides in battle with strategy, pure strategy.

Most people I encounter don't even know a simple strategy such as the pincer attack.

zomgtehleetpincer9ut.jpg Fig. 1 - The Pincer Attack

Honestly, how hard (aside from the crap diagram) is that to understand? Split up to avoid the approaching Warrior mob and attack the casters and healers in the back from two sides to wipe them out first. Simple or what? >.>

I'm not gonna go on - if I vent any more I'll deflate, but for the love of god...

Can't people just play the game, instead of believing the whole point is to get to the end-game areas while doing as little work as humanly possible and knowing as little about your class as possible?

Can't people just learn to understand their roles, their abilities, and the basic strategies which will keep them alive and allow teams to overcome situations with a little basic planning?



I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.