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10th June 1998

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#1 16 years ago

I'm betting that one of these will really take the market and one will somewhat flounder (they will both do well, but one will do really well and one will do pretty good) An example being, long term, halflife was a blockbuster compared to quake 3.

Place your bets


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30th March 2004

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#2 16 years ago

These are both great games, however, it seems to me that Half-Life 2 will have more in store than Doom III. Half-Life 2 will support vehicles and a great story line to the great Half-Life. Doom III will be a great run 'n gun horror game with it looks like a great story-line, but it just will not have the other things Half-Life 2 will have. Graphics wise, it looks like Doom III's are better; and the same goes with lighting. I probably shouldn't be the one comparing the two because I am not fully informed about either game, but it looks to me like Half-Life 2 will beat Doom III.

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19th January 2003

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#3 16 years ago



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25th July 2004

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#4 16 years ago

Doom 3 will definatly take over Half Life 2. I have played the beta of Doom3 and it was actualy .... amazing.... It braught a tear to my eye. I mean HL2 has been delayed by a couple months, but Doom3 was suppose to be released about 2-3 years ago but they delayed it beacuse of graphics up dates. Thats why the graphics look amazing on doom3.



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23rd March 2004

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#5 16 years ago

beta? who cares about beta? alpha is out in a few days but I wouldnt say its gonna blow half life two away just yet. But I count doom 3 a better game in my books already.

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17th June 2002

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#6 16 years ago

Graphics are the hallmark of a petty person, but they rake in the sales. Doom 3 is the next 'big engine' that game developers will be grabbing at. Even if Doom 3 doesn't do as well as Half-Life in itself, I'm sure id Software will make their money out of the engine itself. I'm hoping that people have sense and go for the contents of the book rather than its cover (working on the assumption that Valve are going to at least equal the atmosphere and story of Half-Life 1, an assumption which may change when I play it -- we'll see), but we shall see.

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21st December 2003

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#7 16 years ago

HL2... heh... i'm gonna get it.... i have the recomended graphics card... and i'll have a gig o ram so i know i'll be able to ruin it :D

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2nd April 2003

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#8 16 years ago

guys, you can't really say doom iii is a run and gun horror with no story line. doom iii's lead designer Tim Willits and id's CEO Todd Hollenshead were quoted in an interview saying:

IGNPC: Alrighty then. Well you've managed to keep a pretty good lid on many of the secrets in the game. How much... um, maybe percentage-wise have you let us and the general public see at this point?

Tim: Well it's really hard to quantify and it'd be impossible for me to say "10 percent."

Todd: Not much though. It's definitely a small fraction of the game. If I were to draw a percentage on it based on what we've released and in terms of screenshots, etc... Tim's right that's it's very hard to quantify, but I'd say maybe around 10-15 percent, probably closer to 10 than something higher.

Tim: Yeah that's around what I was thinking.

read the interview. some interesting stuff. you'll see that they said they've only released about 10% of it... very little of it story, very little of it gameplay/demons/weapons. why? well, if they told you everything it wouldn't be as fun to buy the game and find out, now would it?

anyway, i don't know much about half-life 2. can someone link to to some interviews/screenshots/infromation?

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19th April 2004

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#9 16 years ago

I'd want to get HL2 But I'm wating for Halo 2:). BTW congrats redem on your 1337 post:lookaround: and your advartar is too large;)

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6th April 2004

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#10 16 years ago

you people are crazy! DoomIII ownz HL2!