Downloading games - right or wrong? 57 replies

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30th December 2004

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#1 13 years ago

i dont have a job (13 yrs old..) and my parents only give me about 8 euros of pocket money every month and they wouldnt buy games for me cuz they think it's bad for my health and psychics (spelling?). so the only thing thats left to me is to download games or borrow them from friends (who very rarely have a game that i like and actually works online) and then copy them.

yes i feel a little guilty, not so much for downloading games but more for downloading music. but as u said, the prizes are insane so again, i download. but i think that downloading games is not such a loss for gaming industry cuz they still get more than enough money even if many people download and besides that, community grows and attracts more and more players and many of them will buy that game.

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19th April 2004

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#2 13 years ago
The game prices are insane (new games can cost 50$)

If you can't afford the games then don't play. I put down US$74 for TES IV: oblivion. You need to make good choices with your money.

and it really doesn't harm the game developers that much

Every person who downloads that game takes $50 in net profit away from the game company. It does not help spur sales. People download it and tell their friends to. No one buys the game.

Yet the chances to get caught from downloading is minimal.

it may me minimal but getting a $500,000 fine and a few years in prison is not worth trying to save $50.

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30th January 2005

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#3 13 years ago

game development now adays is insanely expensive. rivaling the cost of a motion picture release, games also have a short shelf life, specially pc games. so the publishers have to make up the cost and hopefully make a profit. so if you like the games from a specific company, the worst thing you can do is get their games warez, you are better off suporting them by purchasing their products.


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25th August 2003

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#4 13 years ago

It's illegal thats all you need to know, So go out and get a job and then maybe you can buy a game......they are not that much else you buy a game like a week (i buy 1 our 2 a year)


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14th April 2004

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#5 13 years ago

I think the P2P industry really only makes a very small percentage of adifference on company profits. Whether the company is large or small the percentage would still be the same. And I bet they are wasting a lot of money trying to prevent it. The numbers that they always come out with the amount of money lost is always bullcrap.

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12th April 2002

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#6 13 years ago

got my eye on this topic, please make sure it doesnt violate any of our guidelines.

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16th January 2004

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#7 13 years ago

I download games. I download music aswell, I feel no guilt whatsoever about it. The prices here are utterly insane, new games can cost as much as €70 when they come out, and CD's go for €30 or more, depending on how new they are. This is beyond affordable for anybody still in school with a social life. I earn a fair amount of money, but I need it for other things such as gas for my bike. No matter how you turn it, that's higher on the list than games. So if I really want to play a game, hell, I'll download it.


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2nd January 2006

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#8 13 years ago

I think prices will go down as developers put advertisments in games, imagine what a company would pay to have millions of users see its add more than once a day, it is unimaginable, games could cost next to nothing



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4th October 2004

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#9 13 years ago

For me it depends on the quality of the game. I respect RockStar and Bioware (for instance) so much that I view downloading their products as an insult. As a result, I've gladly paid out probably more than 150 dollars for NWN and GTA games. Playing on a pirated copy would feel wrong, because it is such a great game. I also feel that small artists do not deserve to be pirated. These guys are doing their job for a living, not doing their job with a couple million dollars in the bank. I've seen several pirated versions of Tim Buckley's animated Ctrl-Alt-Del comics (being sold as part of a premium package) around the internet, and I will not download those. The man is asking a mere for $12 (I believe) a year to be a part of the premium service and get these things; he works hard for his money; and he does not deserve to have his products stolen. Aside from exceptionally talented companies and small companies, I view stuff as pretty fair game. However, especially with music, I tend to use it as a previewing opportunity. I've ended up buying full CD's from artists after downloading their songs. The reasons? Downloaded stuff is crap quality (usually 128 kbps) Once I listen to an artist's songs and really, really like them, I want a licensed copy for myself P2p has put me in touch with music I never would have known existed. I might download some stuff, but by and large I tend to make up for it by spending money on a licensed copy of the product later. That's the way p2p should be used: as a previewing service for drumming up interest; rather than a pirating service to circumvent paying. The application of p2p in advertising has been proven by various individual artists, as well as a huge deal in the anime business (I hate anime personally, but read about it in a business mag).


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3rd July 2005

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#10 13 years ago

Its piracy not a good thing to do, so better to avoid it and buy games