Ea 2005 NHL the possible worst? 1 reply

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7th January 2005

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#1 16 years ago

Dont get me wrong I LOVE HOCKEY and i will still play this game until 2006 comes out but does anyone agree that this is one of their worst nhl games out there problems i have I play on hard and.... hard is not really hard just harder then easy i am having little challange Music is only DECENT music in 2003 was great it went perfect with the flow they should have gotten bands like queen of the stone age and deny back into the game i find some of the music is a little shitty what the hell happened to the opening of the game? were they all skate on the ice and shit thats cool as hell and i miss it (it may not matter to alot of people) but i like to enjoy all of the game since there is no hockey right now i want it to look as real as possible some of the goals are a little... off I find that it feels like there is a catch up system going on (this is probley just me) but my golie cant seem to handle too many shots I usually get 30-40 shots and keep them below 15 and they seem to get a wrist shot from the blue line goal.. like what the hell does my golie get rusty? One thing that pisses me hardcore off is the modify button, Why the hell cant i change it? i never use it cause its too far to reach on my controller (while shooting) Fighting is shit worstless and luck based was not expecting any great fighting though announcers suck those 2 announcers are great just they seem to repeat themselves ALL THE TIME and they only talk about my team... Example (Calagary lines up in an agreesive formation or Calagary lines up in a standard formation) gets kinda lame after ahwile they should have recorded more lines DO THE FANS HAVE NO OTHER CHANT????? one chant throught the whole game.... go some team go online LAGS HARDCORE never played a smooth game to this day Same goes for my buddy (We have Idsl) Even though i complain i do not know of a better game with the most current players so i will stick with 2005 until 2006 comes out not flamming anyone who likes the game (i seem to like it) just the question here does anyone agree with any of these statements? i tell y'all EA better not fuck up BF 2 like the did at the begining of BFV but they wont cause bf2 is the end of all other games :beer: (mind the spelling)

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28th July 2002

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#2 16 years ago

game are going down hill.....cept for the few...farcry, Half Life 2, etc....

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