EA re-releases Fifa 12 on the Wii as Fifa 13 2 replies

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26th October 2007

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#1 6 years ago

I don't know if anyone has seen this article yet, but I figured I'd post it for the sheer ludicrous nature of it all.

FIFA 13 Wii vs FIFA 12 Wii - The shocking truth | Nintendo Gamer

I continue to believe that EA couldn't get any worse, and yet they continue to prove me wrong. £30 for an “updated” version of FIFA 12 and getting this - I would be outraged.


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5th September 2002

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#2 6 years ago

Good Lord. I don't buy Fifa games but, if it was me, I'd throw the box at the wall and kick my television if I was presented with a moved logo and a slightly updated team selection.

Fuck EA.


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28th July 2004

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#3 6 years ago

Wow, worst thing is, in my experience, most people who own a Wii also own one of the other consoles and have probably played FIFA 12 on them. Could you imagine getting that game home, popping it in and going "WAIT A MINUTE, I'VE SEEN THIS ALL BEFORE!"