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2nd February 2005

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#41 13 years ago

ubi soft are all ways gona be better than ea they made splinter cell and beyond good and evil what do ea make fifa


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30th June 2003

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#42 13 years ago

metal_militiaYea another FIFA game is just what we need to revolutionize gaming. EA will never revolutionize anything, they will try and cash in on a title until it is shadow of its former self then make another version and call it GAMEX 2. NFSU was an alright game, nothing too special but alright for a couple of hours play. UFSU2 was crap, total crap. It was exactly the same as 1 but with more product placement and blatant adverts. And thats sums up EAs strategy perfectly. I dont hate the sims for no reason i hate it because it is such a blatant attempt to squeeze every last penny out of the fanbase it puts a bad taste in my mouth. EA must think we are all fuc*ing idiots if they expect us (gamers) to buy the same game over and over and over... but the worst part is WE DO. Its not like EA have done anything good for the gaming community. If they where not around smaller and substantially less evil companys would fill the gap and everyone would be better off.[/QUOTE] :gpost: I couldn't have said it better my self, if only we could do something about it.

[QUOTE=Randalf]ubi soft are all ways gona be better than ea they made splinter cell and beyond good and evil what do ea make fifa

And Ubisoft also brought the Prince of Persia series back to life, and then with EA, much* of anything they touch turns into garbage, like the James Bond franchise, movie franchise= good, game franchise since EA= bad. *(And I said much, not all, a few good games here and there, but nothing impressive)


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28th April 2003

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#43 13 years ago

EA's formula for succes is marketing. Always has been and always will be. They don't focus on creating good games, they focus at how to sell games. Whether the game is good, medicore or just plain shitty, EA will try to sell it to the masses with flashy adds, comercials and bullshit hype.


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28th November 2004

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#44 13 years ago

yeah damn right...one thing that's annoying me most right now is that they are producing the "The Godfather" game it's definately gonna suck