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#1 1 year ago

So now the site is launched I figured... I'd get back into modding!

Actually, working on a big texture overhaul mod for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

Weird thing is though, last night I was working away on it just fine, and all of a sudden I now get "Unable to open default.cfg" error messages. Does anyone happen to remember what causes this and how to fix it?

It may apply to any Q3A game, i.e. the Star Wars games or, well, Quake 3 arena.

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#2 1 year ago

Well, this could have multiple reasons:

  • You are starting the exe file from a bad location, like making a copy and thinking it is a shortcut that you have on your desktop.
  • Insufficient access rights, if you installed in c:\program files\ or similar, you would need to start it with administrative privileges.
  • A Mod you installed deleted the file: BaseEF\global\default.cfg
  • Someone deleted the file: BaseEF\global\default.cfg
  • You are trying to start the exe via batch or console and it uses a different path to the game as where the exe actually is (this can happen even if you did not set any parameters)
  • Faulty sector on your hard-drive or ssd

In any case your BaseEF\global\default.cfg can't be found by the game its executable.
The file should be in your gamefolder, outside of any pk3.

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