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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR="Red"]Whats up guys, I'm from the =EliteUnit= gaming community. We are currently seeking MATURE players to fill some spots on our roster. All of us at EliteUnit are very Team Work orientated and like to have a good time in a non pressured invironment. We currently have, 3 Ranked BF2142 servers, a Ranked BF2 server, A Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter server, and a F.E.A.R Combat server. Our members ages range from 17 to 40, there are mostly adults in our community and we do have an age limit of 16yrs. to join. Our community is very friendly and a great place to game. And, you are GUARANTEED access to the servers, There is always someone on at all times to let you in to our servers. So what are ya waiting for, come on by and check us out at, www.eliteunit.net . Its well worth the trip. Again, its, www.eliteunit.net .[/COLOR]