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#1 14 years ago

This is a review for EEAOC I wrote for the Hooked Gamer .com forums. I highly recommend a EEAOC forum, and if anybody wants a quick stratigy or scenario guide, I'd be glad to write one for ya'll. Here she goes! This game, although not one of the most popular games, not even popular among stratigy gamers, is an absolutly amazing creation. It is incredibly realistic, but not in graphics but combat stratigy. It also has many ages that span 5000 years, from the dawn of civilization to the 24th century. And as if this wasnt enough, it uses a brilliantly balanced unit relations system to make for ultimate gameplay.

The units found in EEAOC are all modeled off or replicating existing units, and not just in names and models. For example, there are the Long Bows and Knights of the Midevil ages. Historicly, the Noblemen of the middle ages opressed the common man and used the noble Knights as there tool of oppresion. Knights, both in reality and in the computer game EEAOC, are highly effective against swordsman, the dominant fighting role of the common man. But, a new revolution in the common man's technology came about - the Long bow. This powerful weapon is taller than you and fires both barbed and armor pericing tipped arrows. This tool was incredibly effective against the knights, and resulted in the toppling of the nobleman empire and the rise of the common man. The same is in EEAOC, long bows OWN knights, and for ages to come, the common man and his rifle are one of the most effective tools on the feild. This aspect of EEAOC is not only found in this middle age scenario, its also common throught every age - even in the complex realm of Modern day units and even the previous ages of, say, the greeks. Exeptionally historicly accurate, this aspect is beyond anything found in any game currently.

And the ages this game spans are phenominal. It begins at the dawn of civilization; with cavemen and no weapons but clubs and stones. These are literally the only two units you can build. After passing this age (by purchasing new age technology and surving long enough to research it), you leave the Prehistoric age, and enter the Stone age. You can now create boats and expand your civilization across new waters. After swiftly passing this age, you enter the Copper age. It is in this time that farming, medical, and intellectual knowledge begin, and you can great farms from wood and build early (and ineffective at this age) hospitals, as with Universitys. You can aslo train horsemen, and can create stables. This is 'Copper' age of technology is similear to that that the Europeans found the Americas in. Later down the lines you enter the Bronze and later Dark ages. These are the times of the romans, great advances in technology such as chariots, swords, and early seige weapons. Next happens the Medivial ages, with its great seige weapons and the height of the archer technology. Next you would enter the Rennisance ages, the first age of guns and the end of the archers. These weapons are crude, but devistatingly effective. Past this you will find the Imperial and later Industrial ages, were gunpower has flourished, and there are such units as SharpShooters, Medics, Bombard Cannons, and later the Hot Air Ballon. After the Industrial age, you will brake into the begining of the Atomic ages: starting with WWI. Here you gain acess to early tanks, fighter and bomber aircraft, submarines, machinge guns, and many more incredibly effective fighting weapons. Entering the WWII era, your technology advances and tanks & aircraft become all the more effective. Finally, you reach the current Modern age, in which aircraft reign supreme, as well as enourmas advances in (say) tank technology. This is the end of the Atomic ages, and next you find yourself in the Digital age - filled with missiles, lasers, and other new and revolutionary weapons and technlogy. You can now build Cybernetic fighting machines (affectionatly known as 'Mechs' or 'Cybers'), which become devistatingly effecitve in the next age of Nano technology. Here, you can build what is the height of earthbound war technology. This age is only topped by the new Space Age (found only in the Art of Conquest expansion pack), were general infantry is now robotic, as are all farmers, and you can now travel (and fight) in Space. An incredible march through the ages.

Despite all of this, the height of the game Empire Earth - Art of Conquest lies within the units relationships. This system is very balanced, and makes for incredibly fun gameplay and deep stratigies with enourmas potential. This is how it works - everything goes around in circiles. For example, the ages prehistoric through middle have a very simple yet clear and effective ground unit relations sytem. Pikeman kill Swordsman. Swordsman kill Archers. And Archers kill Pikeman. If you detect a group of swordsman, you would send an army of pikeman to destroy those swordsmen to ensure and gain the most effective victory. And, if you had a group of swordsman that were attacked by pikeman, you would back those swordsman up with archers, which would halt the pikeman attack. This eary unit relationship system may be simple and easy to master (making it very appealing towards beginner players), but as you go down the lines things become inreasingly complicated. The sea units relationship system for Atomic and Nano goes like this: Cruisers kill air units, while they are in turn killed by Attack subs, Frigates, and Battleships. Battleships, which are also effective against frigates are, however, are destroyed by attack subs . These attack subs are killed by frigates and Sea King helicopters, but would destroy Nuclear Submarines (in addition to battleships and cruisers). Then again, the nuclear submarines are the only units effective against land units, even though they can be killed by Sea King helicopters and frigates, which are (frigates that is), effective against attack subs, nuclear subs, and cruisers, which kill (again) kill sea kind helicopters and other air units. As a result, island or mediteranian maps are not common among beginners during the atomic, digital, and nano ages, but with enough skill, knowlege, and intelligence, an advanced player can master the seas (which opens doors to a water invasion, an air invasion possible by air superiority gained over the water, or even an attack by nuclear submarine). The stratigic abilities in this game are only limited by your personal ability to learn, adapt, and develop new more increasingly effective stratigies.

To add all of this historical acuraccy, centuries of warefare, and advanced balanced gameplay together, I would simply say this: Empire Earth - Art of Conquest is the game for geniuses.


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#2 13 years ago

could you help me learn how to convert .ssa file to .rmv file so I may use them as a random map script?