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#1 9 years ago

I found a nice MMORP browser game. I started play it long time ago, but back then it was still under construction. Now it really starts to look like a game and it developes all the time.

If you are interested about wordl politics or diplomatics I recommend it to you. eRepublik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here is wikipedia link FAQ - eRepublik Official Wiki link for games own FAQ Invite link which benefits me a bit if you play the game until you reach level 6

Atm I'm living in USA, but I was long dominating person in eFinlands government.

Indonesia, Hungary and lot's of US hostile countries are going to attack USA and my beloved homeland needs any help they can get, so I moved back to US.

Hopefuly many of you finds game interesting.

Ps.Sorry if there was topic already about it. Couldn't find by search

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#2 9 years ago

I used to play it a while ago, but stopped when the world became too messed up(to say the least). Too many countries invading too many regions.