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#1 13 years ago

I know they said you can gain experience of campaigns, but will that experience be universal or only on the server you gain it?

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#2 13 years ago

In game, it's really our job as the developer to make sure that somebody can't gain experience points by two guys meeting up in a corner somewhere and one stabs him once, and the other one heals him, and the other stabs him...

That's a problem with Battlefield 2...

PW: Exactly. So we have the anti-macroing stuff, which is all built into the game and our whole backend supports that - but we can't implement it until the game's been balanced properly - and then we have the external half, which is stopping wrapper DLLs and all that kind of stuff. Both of those things are planned.

KC: The other thing we're looking at when we're talking about a reward system - it's what we had with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, over the length of a campaign you had a reward system that basically rewarded people specifically for doing things that worked together as a team. A player could actually build up his skills, gain new items and things like that over the period of this campaign.

We're going to keep it the same way, so over a period of basically a 90 minute game period you can do that, and then at the end of that, that would reset.

So there's no global system?

KC: Actually there is on top of that. The problem is, if you make a global reward system that actually improves people's abilities, then a year later somebody comes in and they're behind. And that's not fair. Because fundamentally, there is competition involved, and so we didn't want to uneven the playing field to that level. So all of our persistent systems outside of the campaign system are all recognition systems. Medals, awards...

PW: Representing your status. They provide you with data on how you've been playing -

They don't actually affect the in-game experience?

PW: They don't affect the gameplay at all, for the persistent stuff. Battlefield 2 has two systems, the ranked server system and the unranked server system - the ranked server system is how you generate statistics...

PW: Our plan at the moment - and this is still a bit early, I think, to talk too much about the persistent stuff or how we store data - but our plan is that we have authentication for servers in much the same way as we do for clients, so providing a server administrator doesn't mind a server authenticating, then every server can collect data. The server administrator needs to be happy that his server has confirmation that it's not cheating, its not gathering data illegally. We don't have to have official tournament services that have been allowed by id. The design is such that anybody that runs a server can runs a stats gathering server.

Straight from an interview with Paul Wedgwood and Kevin Cloud.

That's the only info I've dug up so far, aside from a ton of guesswork.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#3 13 years ago

So ranks disappear after 90 minutes? EXCELLENT IDEA! BF2 is ruined by people getting badges and crap, ignoring teamplay.

Well done ET:QW devs!