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Fairly old. From an IGN interview, Earlier today, we reported that Monolith would be continuing the F.E.A.R. franchise in a new direction. After some cajoling, we convinced Monolith President Samantha Ryan to drop some quotes on us about the direction of the franchise and universe.

IGNPC: With the original F.E.A.R. still just a few months old, an announcement this early is surprising. Has Monolith been working on a continuation for some time now?

Samantha Ryan: We love the universe and started throwing around ideas for the sequels almost before we shipped. We were keeping our fingers crossed that the reaction would be strong.

IGNPC: We understand that Vivendi owns the rights to the name "F.E.A.R.," but Monolith controls the actual property. So how does one go about making a sequel without calling it a sequel? Can you use the same characters and locations and whatnot?

Samantha Ryan: Our goal is to deliver a fun, compelling experience for fans set in the same game universe. There's a lot of meat to the story, characters and gameplay. We'll have plenty to work with when crafting the sequels.

IGNPC: VU Games doesn't appear to have much involvement, despite having been your publisher for several past titles. Is someone else lined up to publish this? Is Vivendi out of the picture?

Samantha Ryan: The most important thing for us right now is working on the sequels for the game, and we'll explore all of the numerous opportunities to bring the games to the public. We have the highest respect for Vivendi and enjoy a tremendously good working relationship with them. You never know what the future will bring.

IGNPC: In a market where branding is so powerful, what made you decide to continue on with a franchise that could no longer use its namesake?

Samantha Ryan: Of course branding is important. That being said, consumers did not purchase the game because of the name. They purchased the product because it had a story, characters, universe and gameplay that resonated with them. I think that's a pretty compelling reason to do a sequel.

IGNPC: Any hint at what the new name will be?

Samantha Ryan: Nothing we can disclose at this time.

IGNPC: Can we expect the new game to use the same technology as F.E.A.R., or is Monolith creating a new engine?

Samantha Ryan: When the time is right, we will roll out the details of the new products.

IGNPC: Similarly, apart from continuing the F.E.A.R. story, will the new games offer significant changes to play mechanics?

Samantha Ryan: Again, we will disclose all of the gameplay elements further down the road.

IGNPC: You've said that the new games will be different depending on the platform. What can you tell us about that?

Samantha Ryan: We will do our best to deliver an experience that plays well on each platform. There are obvious differences between PC and next-gen consoles, for example, and we want consumers to know we recognize that, and we will fine-tune our games appropriately.

IGNPC: Can you give us a hint at what else Monolith has brewing for the future?

Samantha Ryan: I can't disclose anything specific just yet, but it is worth noting that we are hiring across all levels of the company. The response to our last round of games (F.E.A.R. and Condemned: Criminal Origins) has been incredible, and our greatest limit will be finding talented people to fulfill our growth potential "