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#1 13 years ago

Hello, My name is Laurens (Diceman) from the clan Force: Objective X. I have been a gamer most of my young (22 years old) life, and I like playing in a clan. You get to know new people, are able to participate in lans with friends and you get to experience teamplay in games on a whole new level. I can recommend clanplay to everyone. Our clan has been around since 2002 and has some history, which you can read on our site if you like that, so I won't bother you with details. Our original game was Global operations, after that we played Battlefield 2. Now we are looking for people who want to join us to play in Enemy Territory Quakewars. I should stress that we are only looking for Dutch speaking people, so people from either the Netherlands or Belgium. The competitions we are looking at for the moment are clanbase and Team Warfare. Depending on succes and level of activity this might be increased. Why F0X? If you join us there are a few perks you will enjoy: Free server. We have our own handmade server located in the Netherlands. Building this server was a lot of fun, and was actually one of our first lans. It's not rented, so this means our clan is free. No money. It also runs teamspeak. No discrimination. Unlike most clans we don't impose a hard age limit. This doesn't mean it's free range for all kind of noobs. On the contrary, I eat noobs for breakfast. We value maturity over skill, and offer a place for young players to develop into serious gamers. Equally we offer a serious clan for the elder players who have enjoyed the good old days and the values displayed in those old days. Our recruiting policy is quite strict, but should pose no problem for the responsible gamer. So, everybody is welcome to join. Language. We play in our own language, Dutch. This improves communication, and let's face it, Belgium vs the Netherlands is loads of fun on training :D Efficiency. We use a very effective and interactive calendar system which you can use to sign in or out for events like wars. We also emply an easy click-and-add system for msn and xfire on our site, so you can easily integrate with the clan. We have also provide an extensive FAQ (step by step guide) to our clan, this to speed up the recruiting proces. Democratic. No ranks, just polls. This improves the level of activity, because everybody does something, and has something to say. We do have some kind of council called the "oldies", but those people have gained respect because of dedicated service to the clan in some function, or have been with the clan that long they in effect become oldies :p . They only have one vote too, although they usually are the ones who bring the ideas. So no pseudo military crap. Remember, it's all about competitive fun. Fun. We have an extensive "fun" section (some would say too extensive :cool: ). Highlights include lots of cartoons, geek of the week elections, lots of geeky stuff (obviously) and the odd political discussion. So, enough babbling of this senile oldie, if you think you want to check it out, join us at =F0X= ETQW Clan or add me, [EMAIL="fox_diceman@hotmail.com"]fox_diceman@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] on msn, or foxdiceman on xfire.


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#2 13 years ago

Sounds like a good clan, I wish you guys all the luck ;)