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20th June 2008

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#1 10 years ago

how do u get the laugh exression in fable 2. i turned my evil character 100% good and i still dont have it.i dont know what to do please help!

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#2 10 years ago

Start questing. Unless you want to earn this expression very slowly, questing is the answer. Keep questing until you finish the basic Oakfield quests. This will open up the Temple of Light Donation quest. Step2 Eat Tofu. Tofu will give your character a small amount of Morality points. You will need a lot of these to earn the Laugh expression (the meter in the Personality section must be about ¾ of the way to the right.) Yes, this means your character must be highly moral in order to learn to laugh. Don’t worry evildoers: you can lose these Morality points as soon as you get the expression. Be sure to eat the Tofu when people are around; this will boost their opinion of you as well. Step3 Buy a Lute. This instrument can be found at any General Goods Vendor for around 88 gold (prices may vary depending on your universe’s economy.) Play the Lute whenever you see a large crowd. You will gain a small amount of Morality every time you play the Lute. Eating Tofu is faster, but food supplies are limited. Step4 Save up 10,000 Gold. Do this however you see fit. Buying and renting property is probably going to be the fastest way unless you are really good at Blacksmithing. However you wish to do it, make sure you earn at least 10,000 gold before moving on to the next step. Step5 Go visit the Temple of Light. It is at the northeast corner of Oakfield. Wait until noon before you donate. Donate gold until you learn the Laugh expression.

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